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Conquering The Storms Christian Counseling LLC, Mental Health Services, Las Vegas, NV

Areas Of Expertise

We believe that therapy can be a powerful and transformative process for each person. When people feel emotionally connected to the therapist, they often talk about how much easier it is to explore their problems and come to realizations about themselves and their lives. Therapy only works if you’re open and willing to work with your therapist.

Who We Rare

Fadenia Williams-Chaney, CADC-I 


Since 2014, I have dedicated my life to the field of mental health and addiction; During the duration of my career, I have developed a passion for providing services to individuals battling substance abuse. My goal is to empower and motivate individuals in visualizing their lives without mind-altering substances by providing a psycho-educational concepts that enlightens and inspire the individual on proficient methods to incorporating coping skills to combat addictive behaviors associated with substance abuse.  

I have obtained a Master of Science in Public Health and Wellness; and a Master of Science in Psychology with a concentration on Addiction Counseling. As a therapist specializing in addiction, the purpose and goals are to ensure that I create a therapeutic relationship that offers hope, support, and encouragement to my clients to embrace a lifestyle free from the bondage of drug use and regain their lives back! As an addiction counselor, there will be an opportunity to engage with a qualified mental health professional that specializes in helping people overcome alcohol use disorder, illicit drug use, substance use disorder, with a systematic concept to dissecting emotional distresses, anxiety, mood, and depressive thoughts that may contribute to addictive behaviors associated with substance abuse with compassion while implementing relapse prevention plans for success.   

Types of Therapy 

  • Christian Counseling 
  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) 
  • Cognitive Processing (CPT) 
  • Mindfulness-Based (MBCT) 
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) 
  • Holistic therapy and traditional concepts for managing addictive behaviors.  

Additional services offered: Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Group Therapy, Spiritual Awaking & Restoration Therapy. 




Daina Chiappe-LCPC

I am a clinical mental health counselor who speaks fluent Spanish. Since I started my profession, it has been a blessing to meet so many wonderful people who helped be who I am today. 

I graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2015 with a Masters in Psychology in Clinical Mental Health. 

I use CBT, Christian and Existential Therapy to help those who believe they are weak, lost or broken.  

I work toward helping people overcome or manage their mental health. I have worked with addiction, anxiety, sexual trauma, anxiety, PTSD. 

I enjoy working with teenagers and adults, therapy is to help the person find their inner strength in order to succeed in life.